Kendall Jenner Breaks Down How Anxiety Affects Her Plans | Open Minded | Session 4 | Vogue

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How can you stop anticipatory anxiety? In the fourth and final episode of Open-Minded, Kendall Jenner sits down with Lori Gottlieb, psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author of Maybe You Should Talk To Someone, to discuss how a negative view of the future can prevent us from living in the present. Kendall and Lori discuss how to know when anxiety is problematic vs. productive, how anxiety impacts memory and exercises for dealing with anticipatory anxiety.

The National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. For more information on anxiety symptoms, treatment, and resources please visit: .

If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. Connect with the NAMI HelpLine Mon-Fri, 10AM - 8PM (ET) by calling 800-950-6264 or CHAT at . In a crisis? Text “NAMI” to 741741, 24/7.

For more on Lori Gottlieb, check out her book "Maybe You Should Talk To Someone," her TED Talk, 'Dear Therapists' podcast, or go to

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone:

TED Talk:

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NAMI The National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

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Kendall Jenner Breaks Down How Anxiety Affects Her Plans | Open Minded | Session 4 | Vogue

  • If you or someone you know is struggling, you are not alone. Connect with the NAMI HelpLine Mon-Fri, 10AM - 8PM (ET) by calling 800-950-6264 or CHAT at In a crisis? Text “NAMI” to 741741, 24/7

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  • I love this video, I just wish there were techniques I could do in front of people that wouldn’t make them look at me like why the heck do you have ice in your hands and are listing things about the 5 senses??

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  • Love the NATURAL makeup look!😉

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  • I’m just reading “ Maybe you should talk to someone” by Lori Gottlieb! Thanks Kendall for being willing to talk about anxiety 💋❤️👍🏻

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  • Vcs sentiram a falta de sal?

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  • As a person with slight anxiety this video was very refreshing

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  • I love this we need more people opening up about mental health! GO GIRL!!

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  • we do not care

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  • so wholesome, loved it

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  • Bravo Vogue! Love love LOVE this series.

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  • Thank u Kendall and vogue and to the doctors these sessions were so comforting for me and got to learn and relate so many things about my mental health and anxiety through them ….love u guys

    Arundhati PatilArundhati Patil19 დღის წინ
  • They should talk about social anxiety specifically

    Amber AcevedoAmber Acevedo26 დღის წინ
  • I have been diagnosed with anxiety, it was a year and a half ago, but I’ve been trying to figure out what it is specifically, and I found out that a part of it is anticipatory anxiety, I’m so thankful I watched this video. I hope these talks help Kendall too.

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  • How funny, she sounds like kourtney.. I have had this sense I was super little .. now I'm 42.. we have to control it the best we can.. 💗

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  • am like that too

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  • President Trump 2024, Fix America Again

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  • She said it right. People who are perfectionist tend to be have anxiety bouts. Like I wanna be good in studies, be beautiful, have the great figure. I know somewhere that Im human and everyone is different. But still I end up thinking about them. And more recently, the covid situation is making me more restless. Glad to learn about the 5-4-3-2-1 exercise. Im gonna do this. Thank you

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  • She is right about everything ,kendell Jenner is one of the big est role models In the world . And she is going threw a fame . She needs to just broke down here life spand because I follow her all the time

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  • contact Coly Vulpiani @ He is a master at guiding people on what is underneath / the root cause of anxiety and how to shift the habitual patterns that keep us in a fearful state. He offers a complimentary session.

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  • This is laughable and tone deaf. Ignoring the difference between her experience and the remaining 99.9 percent of the planet in the context of mental health and anxiety is outrageous... Vogue this is gross.

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  • Kendall saying: yeah yeah, right, *laughing*, etc. It’s part of anxiety. Worrying the other person thinks we are not paying enough attention.

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  • If there’s one thing we learned during this pandemic, mental health is VERY important👌🏾💕

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  • I understand you Kendall. I myself have anxiety disorder.

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  • absolutely love this series! so well done

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  • so sweet Candy

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  • God I just can‘t take this seriously

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    • Why

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    • Why?

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  • Oh no! It must be so hard to have anxiety like most people in the world but also have $1 billion to help you curve it. Poor you poor you

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    • Salwa Karim huh? i didn’t say lack of resources causes mental illness, i said reach people have more resources to cope…

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    • @sma1616 the amount of pressure celebrities have on them is so much and if they say one thing that may be offensive, it could ruin there whole career. The hate and high standards can cause mental health issues (anxiety). Lack of resources isn't the only thing that can cause mental illnesses. I recommend watching Taylor Swift's documentary on Netflix. She explains self hate, the Kanye West situation, etc. This is just my opinion 😭

      Salwa KarimSalwa Karim6 დღის წინ
    • Ayanda Gungqe lmao. money and fame = resources. they deal with mental issues as all humans but they have WAY MORE assistance in coping then your average person. Can’t argue that.

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    • Salwa Karim money = resources. are you new?

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    • What does money have to do with this?? Please shut up

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  • This is great! Love these series that she's doing. Great information!

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  • I'm soooo glad she opened up about it because I have this problem and I thought I'm the only one having it and it was so hard for me that way. but now I feel much better(: Thank u for sharing your story with us you helped the ones having these anxieties so much (:

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  • I have this anxiety and i never knew what it was called until now. I have this exact anxiety issue and its a huge issue.

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  • oh wow people here throwing cruel comments, if you have no had anxiety or mental health issues before, please keep your shallow comments to yourself.

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    • So true!!PREACH

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  • thank you kendall for using your plattform und spreading awareness. i loved the series, so helpful and interesting

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  • and there are still people out there who think she’s fake?

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  • Being a top model, having millions and million dollars in her account and being that famous have to be really bad.... Xd

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  • No matter how these rich folks try to convince us of how bad and real their anxiety is , i still have the firm believe that less priveliged people have it worse and it s the real struggle for them. Mental is hugely related to your social existence

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  • Katy perry started the public therapy and people made fun of her :/

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    • Those people r messed up

      Ayanda GungqeAyanda Gungqeთვის წინ
  • I do get panic attacks and it is so frightening. They can be so unpredictable. Feels good to know that I am not alone.

    Sanika MordekarSanika Mordekarთვის წინ
  • There's trench of a highway that is soo curved that it makes me so anxious. I was in a roll over when I was little, and it happened on a very narrow curve so it's anxiety affected by ptsd and whenever I need to drive in that direction my anticipatory anxiety is sooo bad. I don't even sleep properly the night before, my stomach closes, and I just want it to stop.

    Albina YumankulovaAlbina Yumankulovaთვის წინ
  • I guess I just found out what type of anxiety I have dammit

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  • This is me :( it's really nice to see celebrities talking about it.

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  • its great that kendall is talking about anxiety, BUT the intro alarm sound is just uncalled for😐

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  • Everything is amplified when you are in the limelight, let alone just genreally.

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  • this is so relatable

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  • Anxiety is the worst n I understand exactly how she feels an amazing tip ive gotten thats helped sm is remembering its not all abt me. Making things ur afraid to do more abt others than abt u helps a lot.

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  • this was is soo relative!

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  • I started therapy because of my anxiety this year, I dropped out of college 4 months ago because I couldn't deal with it anymore it was eating me alive. I have no clue what the future holds but my mental health is way more important than ANYTHING else.

    nonchalantnonchalantთვის წინ
    • I didn’t drop out but abandoned my academic year you are not alone. I say the same thing, health comes first. Ironically I ended up abandoning because of being scared of the future but oh well

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  • Kendall is such a gem.for this

    love punjablove punjabთვის წინ
  • So helpful… Thank you🤍

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  • It’s funny how she talks about the effects of anxiety on her life yet she is the same person who is publicly selling alcohol which is a substance known to increase anxiety, brain damage ..etc. Ignorance does not set you free.

    Tai DuplanTai Duplanთვის წინ
    • alcohol may increase anxiety but that’s not for everyone, everyone body is differently and alcohol actually helps some people with their anxiety that’s a pretty known thing lol. Helps me with mine. Maybe not u but hey we are all different!

      Karla LKarla Lთვის წინ
  • im learning a lot in this video, i never knew i have a similar experienced with her. i literally freak out over small things and i tend to overthink a lot. Online classes have been difficult for me and i hope i can get through this

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  • Wait...she said she experienced anxiety before big events in her life. Doesn't everyone experience that?? There doesn't need to be a fancy name put on it. It's just feeling nervous about important things it's very normal and doesn't need to be labelled or cured. Of course this kind of anxiety is relatable because every one of us experiences it! STAY CRITICAL

    TheRealEmcTheRealEmcთვის წინ
  • i dont wanna self diagnosed but that's so much same with me ,i'm sometimes being perfectionist and doesn't give a room for a small mistake, that's really make me anxious and it's really hard to control that feelings like i mean try to stop those anxiety of worrying about something that doesn't actually happens. Omg that's so true.

    Aldona JpAldona Jpთვის წინ
  • good video candle

    fiofioთვის წინ
  • I love that u are open about this Kendall. So many struggle with anxiety 😥

    Jennifer VelazquezJennifer Velazquezთვის წინ
  • Thank you for sharing Kendall When you speak it is like you are in my head. I feel the same way. It is so hard to describe to others

    Julie GuarreraJulie Guarreraთვის წინ
  • Thank you for these series, info and speaking up

    Laura ManukyanLaura Manukyanთვის წინ
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  • I love that! So much!!! Thank you so much for sharing this helpful information!!! 💖

    Raisa RahmanRaisa Rahmanთვის წინ
  • i’m not sure if i have anxiety because i haven’t been diagnosed but i relate a lot to these videos w kendall

    laila antequeralaila antequeraთვის წინ
  • I'm so proud of you for fighting your anxiety and I'm so happy for you for doing this. Be always present and think how everything about you is okay. ❤️ I also have an anxiety and I came here for support. This literally saved me 🥺

    RianRianთვის წინ
  • Her anxiety makes her pick the worst commercials. It seems that she doesn’t think and only does what she’s told, like Kylie.

    Julius TartareJulius Tartareთვის წინ
  • We all live with anxiety, we think so much about simple things and worst of all, we already know that it hurts us and we cling to it more, I just want to tell you that if you are going through this I want you to know that you have a person who happens the same that you, who cries, who suffers daily and who cries to vent, ARE NOT ALONE, LET US SUPPORT EACH OTHER, I HOPE SOME DAY YOUR MIND CAN BE AT PEACE 😇😥😥

    IamNietoJoseIamNietoJoseთვის წინ
  • Thank you so much for these videos about anxiety! It has helped me so much!?

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  • Anxiety is the subconscious coming up to become conscious. Take it as a sign that you are about to become aware of something you weren’t aware of before. Of course this is scary. Be present with it. Avoiding your anxiety is avoiding awareness.

    Douglas CourtoisDouglas Courtoisთვის წინ
  • 6:19 that probably applies to people who don't have their lines on cue cards, right? The list makers and the alarm setters because they don't want to forget due to the wild stress they are under. Unlike her 5:48 relaxed slump in the chair and eager, giddiness to read the next question.

    Paola CuevasPaola Cuevasთვის წინ
  • Sooo good and so helpful!!!

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  • Super WISE...

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  • That lady is super wow and beautiful

    Amy GingellAmy Gingellთვის წინ
  • One of the few Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes I've ever seen was years ago when Kendall was still a young teenager. I remember her crying and saying how shy and anxious she was. I was the same. I'm in my 30s and I still have that kid within me. I've learned to accept and love that shy child, and have come to terms with my essential nature. I'm happy Kendall is doing that too and is magnifying her voice to help others.

    HRHHRH2 თვის წინ
  • To be honest she is looking gorgeous😍

    Aqib HasanAqib Hasan2 თვის წინ
  • You knew how it feels kendall but remember what you did to taylor?

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